weekly trend report

weekly trend report, velvet long sleeve sweater, black distressed jeans, infinity scarf,bucket drawstring bag,
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Hey guys!!!

For this week’s trend report it’s all about mixing of this beautiful dark burgundy with black. I think these two color combinations are super chic and can give any outfit a sultry feel when combined together.

This outfit is more of a sultry casual-chic look. It’s perfect for a day at the museum, concert or any other causal event where you still want to look trendy and stand out. The distressed jegging jeans add comfort to your casual look and the ripped details add just enough street flair without looking to frumpy. I think this is just the perfect touch of distress on the jeans.

The jewel tone top is made out of velvet material, which is always super soft and warm. I think this top is very versatile and would look great on almost anyone.

The bucket bag is absolutely one of my favorites for everyday. There is so much that can fit in there and they are so easy to carry around, without much of a hassle of opening any closures or zippers. I think having the convenience of  the string closure is what really appeals to me.

Adding red lipstick and a few coats of your favorite mascara will complete this look.

I hope you find this outfit inspiring.

xo, Emily

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