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Trench Coat: Banana Republic similar here |  Top: Calvin Klein similar here | Jeans: H&M similar here | Scarf: Michael Kors similar here | Shoes: Steve Madden similar here | Handbag: Michael Kors similar here | Sunglasses: Oscar De La Renta similar here

I have been a huge fan of trench coats for a while now. Ever since I ditched my junior  style of clothing, for a more grown and sophisticated look; as I would call it the “Missy look”. I decided that I needed  more of timeless pieces in my closet. I think that I made the decision to switch from junior style of dressing to more of a Missy, because I would find myself chasing fashion and fads and spending a lot of money for something that would go out of style really fast.  Don’t get me wrong I still shop at many junior stores, because I still find some great pieces there too, but  I realized that I didn’t have anything in my closet that I could keep wearing for the seasons to come. So, I wanted to invest into some more timeless pieces, and I thought that starting with a classic beige trench coat would be great idea. I could wear it in the cold seasons and I could also wear it in the spring time as well. I have not regretted purchasing this Banana Republic  trench coat, because I had it for five years now, and I have worn it ever since, and the funny thing is how new it still looks. The fabric does not look worn out at all.  If you also want to build your timeless pieces that you can have in your closet for seasons to come, then I suggest by starting with a nice classic trench coat. I hope you liked how I styled it, and you might be seeing this coat a few more times in the future, but next time I might change the buttons back to the original ones that it came with. That’s another reason to invest into timeless pieces because just by changing the buttons on this timeless trench I will change the whole look.

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