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Studded accessories
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Cardigan: New York & Company (similar here)  Jeans: H&M ( similar here )   Shirt: Jones New York | Handbag: TJX (similar here) | Shoes: Steve Madden | Necklace: Express (similar here) | Sunglasses: Oscar De La Renta

Today I styled these beautiful studded accessories with a simple and casual outfit. I think when you have accessories that are busy with either prints or embellishments the rest of the outfit should be either in a neutral color or style. You don’t want to look like a circus clown with too many busy things going on at once. These shoes and the handbag I had for a while now, and this is the first time I wore them, I was looking for a perfect outfit where they can stand out, and I love how they are a statement of the whole outfit. I waited a while before wearing this ‘new’ old handbag, which I had for a year and never worn it before. Because I needed a perfect outfit, which I had in mind.  A lot of times I would get something and store it in the closet and a year later I would take it out and wear it, and I would have friends and family members comment: oh is that a new bag.’  I would tell them ‘no its old I just never wore it, I had it for a year’, and they would just give me a strange look. Sometimes I even ask myself am I ever going to wear this, or should I just donate it, and then I remember that I am waiting for that perfect outfit I had in mind and I just have to gather all the other items to complete my look, which could take a few months for me to find all the right pieces that go with the outfit.  I think that’s the real  reason why I would purchase something, and wear it a year later, because I have all my outfits planned out already and they just have to be the way I envisioned them, otherwise they will sit in my closet. I think that’s the artist in me.

Thank you for reading Baily Lamb and stay tuned for a giveaway; end of this week.

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