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Spring Trend Report

Spring Trend Report

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Spring Trend Report

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Hello everyone!!!  Do any of you ever look at the Spring Trend Report of what color or style is in for the Spring? I remember while I was in design school, I was introduced to the Trend Reports for the first time. I was told how industry professionals every Season created a Trend Report. Every one from designers, colorist and buyers would use it and reference it. They would even have a yearly subscription to these Trend Reports.

Today, there is no need to subscribe to those expensive subscriptions to view what is in style this Spring. I decided to create an exclusive Spring Trend Report for all of my readers. This season it is all about the “BLUSH” . Blush is similar to light pink or pastel pink but with more of the brown undertones. Whereas light pink and pastel pink is pink just with more white as the undertone.

This color has been all over the runways, and you can start seeing it in interior design as well. The color has also made it to the retail stores lately, I remember half a year ago, where the trend was in its beginning stages, basically it could  only be seen on the runways, and I was looking for shoes or a handbag in this color, and it was almost impossible to find it. I am glad it finally made it to the retail section, where I can indulge buying every item there is in “blush”. 

Thank you for reading Baily Lamb



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