Spring Essentials

spring essentials
spring essentials

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With few days into Spring, I decided to put together some Spring Essentials for you today. As I put my chunky knit sweaters and heavy coats away each Spring, I always go through an inventory of what I already have and the items I need. Here are a few basics that I know for sure I will need in my closet for spring. A good pair of jeans; possibly ripped for those casual Spring date nights. A striped top, because nothing says more than “Spring is here” as the nautical theme tops. And of course, a white blazer, that can be paired with jeans and T-shirt or fun flower print dresses.

  For the accessories I like to keep my handbags and sandals in a tan color, since they go with everything. And don’t forget to have your favorite pair of sunglasses ready with some fun and colorful eye shadows.  I have a few of these essentials already, but I am a very visual person, and I like to see all the items I already have and the ones I need to update, like the striped Top. That is why I create these visual boards to help me get organized. 

Hopefully the “Spring Essentials” helped a bit for you as well, so you can start planning and getting some ideas for your spring wardrobe.

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