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Red Jacket

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Jacket: Ellen Tracy (similar here ) | Pants: Calvin Klein (similar here)  | Shoes: Vince Camuto (similar here) | Handbag: Anne Klein (similar here)  | Sunglasses: Versace (similar here)


Happy Monday!!!!  My Monday motivation quote is; Get up, show up, and dress up. Did you know that you can have anything in life you desire if you just dressed for it? I believe that the person’s happiness can really depend on how they look. If you dress up, you will feel better about yourself and when you feel great you will feel more motivated and it is easier to acquire happiness and the things you want in life. Fashion and dressing up definitely gets me excited about my day and working hard to accomplish my goals. Hanging out with my friend this weekend, I realized that dressing up is like a chore for many of us, when it should not be; she told me how she is just too lazy to get dressed up all the time. I understand that sometimes dressing up can be time consuming, from choosing the right outfit, getting the hair and make-up done. What gets me excited about dressing up, is showing the universe that I am serious about getting things done that day, and the universe will reward me with great things in return. This might be a little philosophical, but the positive energy you put in looking good is what you will be rewarded with in life; you get out of life what you put into it.

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