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New hair

Jacket: Ellen Tracy (similar here )| Jeans: JcPenny | Boots (similar here)  | Handbag: Calvin Klein (similar here)  | Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta

New Hair today!!! I finally did it. I cut my hair. As my hair stylist said, even though we just cut six inches off your hair, it still looks long. But for me, believe it or not, this length is short. Maybe it just takes time getting used to it. But it definitely feels and looks so much healthier now. I tried so hard to keep it healthy, with various hair masks and Moroccan oil treatments, but somehow the ends still split. I used to be really experimental with my hair color a few years ago, but all that changed after I colored my hair with red, which damaged my hair.  Afterwards no matter what color I colored my hair, the red still kept coming through. So I decided from that moment on that I will dye my hair one more time in jet black and let it all grow out, and that would be the last time I dyed it. Five years later I still have not given into the temptation of dying my hair, even though lately it has been really tempting with the ombre look being so popular, which I love so much.

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