Have you made your dream home impossible?

have you made your dream home impossible

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We all build up this image in our heads of what our dream home should look like, or what we want it to look like. From the moment you start to really think about moving out, your mind focuses on all of the things that you’d like about one. The space, the location, the garden, the neighbours, and the list of things that you think about could just keep on growing and growing. But as we build this image up in our heads, and begin saving for a house, the anticipation builds. So, you might have gotten to the point where you’re actually looking for houses to buy, which is great. But it might be that the dream home you’ve built up on your head is becoming impossible for so many different reasons, some of which we want to explore today. So if you’re in the market to buy a home at the minute, have a read of the few suggestions I want to share, and see if you can take any of these tips on board, so that your dream home doesn’t seem so impossible afterall. 

You’re Having Money Problems

Money problems are definitely easy to have, especially when it comes to actually buying a house. You will have saved so hard to get the money that you need to make a deposit on a house, or you might nearly have enough. But the thoughts of your dream home might be crushed when you realise that your past spending habits are catching up on you. Some of you won’t have been good with money in the past, meaning you might have had a lot of credit, you might have been in some debt, and you might have a few things on finance because you couldn’t afford them outright. All of this goes against you when trying to get a mortgage, so it might be a secured loan that you have to go for. Understanding secured loans can be hard, but it basically means that the loan you’ll get for your house is secured against something else, perhaps cars or some sort of belongings, or someone else. So although you might not be able to get the loan you wanted, at least it will be a good start!

Your Dream Home Is Out Your League

Sometimes you might just have dreams bigger than the one that you can afford, meaning your dream home is always going to be way out of your league. So, what you can do, is take bits that you want from the ideas that you have, and rationalise what you can actually afford. If you know you want three bedrooms, you might have to cancel out a big kitchen or garden. It’s all about finding the balance, and then making sure that you’re doing the home up to meet your every needs! 

The Timing Isn’t Right

If the timing isn’t right, then you definitely don’t want to rush into buying your first home. Some people rush into it because they think that they need the freedom of having their own home, when in fact, all they need is to save a little bit longer, and that dream home will slowly come to life!

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