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Denim Shirt (similar here) | Pants (similar here) | Shoes: Bandolino (similar here) | Handbag: Michaek Kors (similar here| Watch: Michael Kors | Sunglasses: Versace  (similar here)


Today it’s all about that Denim Shirt look. I’ve been seeing a lot of denim on denim lately, but I am not sure if the whole denim on denim is my look. I might try it in the future, but for today I styled it with my favorite oxblood pants. I still remember  when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake dressed in all denim matching outfits to one of the music awards shows circa 2000’s. Does anyone else remember that? I am still traumatized from all the comments they received from the fashion industry experts, everyone was outraged by such a poor fashion choice, and for years they were always labeled as one of the worst outfits of all time. So, I still can not get over those negative comments from the experts; how you should never wear denim on denim, its a big fashion NO-NO. Those words are still haunting me today. They had an impact on me. Its interesting how something that was said years ago is still in my head, but the fashion industry is always changing, so all the rules are not set in stone. Something that might be unimaginable to be worn today, might be in style in a few years. Then, how do you adjust to the changing rules in fashion? I also remember something that was said few years ago, that I used to follow religiously;  how not to match your eye shadow to your outfit. And then I started seeing on the runway models and celebrities matching eye shadows with their outfits. One thing to remember is that as we change, what’s in fashion changes as well. Fashion is a direct outcome of what we as a society value at a certain point in time, and it is really neat to go back and look at a time period, and just by the clothes worn in that time, you can tell what the world was all about.

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