Best Grammy Dresses of 2015

grammy dresses 2015

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 Best Grammy Dresses of 2015

…..How many of you are looking forward to the Oscar’s this weekend? I love this time of the year, because of so much happening in the fashion world; with the red carpet events, awards season and the fashion week . It is like a “reset” button for the fashion industry.

Majority of us think that whatever the designers show on the runways is what is going to be in style, which is somewhat true. But the main key player in the fashion industry are the celebrities and the red carpet events.

What happens on the red carpet, is all the styles that are introduced by the big fashion houses and designers, are chosen by stylists for the celebrities, and they are the ones that set the tone for what the rest of the year will look like.

So, the designers introduce a few trends and the celebrities choose the main trend, which they wear on the red carpet and this inspires the rest of us. I put a collage of the best Grammy dresses of 2015 for you, and found some inspirational dresses that look like them.

Thank you for reading Baily Lamb

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