August Favorites

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Hey guys happy Friday!

Today I have round up some of my favorite dresses and accessories from some of my favorite stores. It’s been a while since I have shared with you a favorites post. I always enjoy reading favorite posts from other bloggers, so I decided to create one for this month, and moving forward I will have one every month as I had before. 

I personally like to see what other people are into and what they are currently loving. It gives me a tons of ideas for when I shop for myself or if I am looking for a gift for someone. I have a few friends expecting babies one is actually due end of this month, so I have been already searching for some new mom gift ideas for her. So having posts like these are always helpful. For me it is like catting with your girlfriends on the things that you are into or your recent purchases that you are obsessed with.

On today’s favorites there are a few of these items that I already own, like the 72mm hoop earrings, but a lot of these items are on my wish list like these thin gold bands which can be worn as stackable or just as individual pieces if you prefer a more dainty look.  Ever since I saw Kim Kardashian wearing a thin band I have been wanting to get one myself. I used to like chunky jewelry, like chandelier earrings, and big rhinestone necklaces, but lately dainty pieces like these thin bands are really appealing to me lately. I think they would also make a beautiful gift for my friend who will be a mom for the first time.

Another one of my monthly favorites are mini handbags and clutches. For some reason I always prefer smaller bags in the summer. In winter I have always more things that I carry with me; like gloves, scarfs and hats, so when summer comes around I am always happy to downsize my bags to something smaller like this satchel or this crossbody.

I have been also really obsessed with statement shoes lately.  I always used to go for a more fancier outfit and a simple shoe. But with the clothing being very monochromatic and simple in the last few seasons I think there is nothing better than having a statement shoe with a simple outfit. I really love these pumps with rhinestones and a white bow, or these jeweled chunky heel sandals.

And of course another one of my favorites for the month of August are earth tone bodycon dresses. I think there is nothing more beautiful than having that mid-summer glow paired with an earth tone dress.

Let me know in the comments below what some of your favorite fashion items are currently.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend

xo, Emily


  1. Rose
    August 7, 2019 / 2:49 pm

    The rings are so pretty, I need them all!

  2. Jaclyn
    August 15, 2019 / 8:59 am

    All of these are great picks! I would wear those rings from AURATE daily!