All White

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Top: Jennifer Lopez similar here | Skirt: Jennifer Lopez similar here | Coat: Calvin Klein similar here | Shoes: Guess similar here | Sunglasses: Versace similar here

Today; an all white outfit inspired by Kim Kardashian. It’s always important to find someone with similar body type that you can look up to for style inspiration. In recent months I have been looking up to Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and other curvy celebrities for fashion ideas. Since my body type has changed in recent months, due to some injuries and health issues, and not being able to work out regularly like I used to, my body took on more of a soft feminine shape, and I had to adjust the way I dressed for my new body type. The trend that I have been seeing a lot lately with the curvy celebrities is the fitted dresses especially the two piece dresses. If anyone remembers Kim Kardashian few months ago, before her wedding, all she wore was only white, especially white fitted dresses with a coat that is lightly draped over the shoulders. This kind of style really appeals to me. It reminds me of the old Hollywood Glam era, where women were so glamorous; too glamorous even to put on the coat, because that would mean having to do some work by lifting their arms to put the coat on. I think that for curvy girls it is most flattering to wear fitted clothes, something that accentuates their waists. And with this all white two piece dress I am doing just that. The two pieces allows for some skin to show through to draw the attention to my waist line. Whether you are curvy or sporty, petite or tall, you have to embrace your body and concentrate on the positives on your body, like I did once my body started to go through changes. And don’t forget to always dress for your body type, because a wrong fit can definitely ruin your look.

P.S. Personally when I read other fashion blogs, I really like the short few sentence paragraphs. I am more interested in the fashion and pictures, than the written part. I hope you like the longer post let me know in the comments below.

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