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My name is Emily Maric and I am a fashion blogger and social media Influencer from Chicago area. After graduating from College with a degree in Fashion Design, I started my career in the Fashion Industry as a Fashion Design Intern, and later worked as a Stylist and Fashion Merchandiser. My love for fashion started at an early age. My first fashion design project was in the third grade when I learned how to crochet, and designed a little handbag for my home economics class. This is where it all started. This was the beginning of my love for fashion and design. With all this huge love for fashion I started a blog called Baily Lamb.

Baily Lamb is a personal style blog that documents my daily wardrobe choices, inspirations and everything in between. Founded in 2014, Baily Lamb started out as a way to showcase my fashion design portfolio and has since grown into a brand that represents me, as a fashion personality and Influencer. Baily Lamb has collaborated with many brands including Target, Macy’s, Fossil, Mercedes-Benz, and MAC Cosmetics just to name a few.

With this blog I hope to bring exciting and wearable outfit ideas to my readers, and give them inspiration on what to wear daily. If you are like the majority of us and can never decide on what to wear. I will have daily dose of amazing fashion combinations that you will never have to fear of running out of ideas for your outfits.