3 Ways To Vamp Up Your Homes Exterior In Preparation For Winter

3 Ways To Vamp Up Your Homes Exterior In Preparation For Winter
3 Ways To Vamp Up Your Homes Exterior In Preparation For Winter
3 Ways To Vamp Up Your Homes Exterior In Preparation For Winter

It’s official, the Halloween and Christmas decor is slowly seeping into the shops. Which means that the joyful holidays are coming but also the unpleasant part, which is the wet and cold weather! It’s easy to style the exterior of your home in the spring and summertime mainly because the climates nicer, and so you’re prepared to spend a bit more time in your garden without too much of a grudge. But also because pretty bright flowers are in bloom, and are usually more than enough to make the appearance of a drab home still look impressive. So, if you’re stuck with how to vamp up your home for the autumn/winter period to give you and your guests that warm and welcoming entrance here’s how!

Windows To Your Home

If your window frames are peeling or you have anything less than double glazing it’s time to invest in New replacement windows! Not only for the obvious benefit of making your home look great. But also for the benefits of keeping the heat in your home the colder months. When you are choosing new windows, think about what will fit in with the style of your home. For example, for a cottage style/traditional home, you may want to think about installing sash windows. Or opt for a conventional wood effect frame. In another instance, those with reasonably modern homes could switch up the color of their window frames for something sleek and smart like a charcoal color.

Front Yard

You are restricted on what you can do to your front yard as it gets colder. With less sun and the chance of frost, planting perennials is risky, as it could be a wasted investment. Instead, concentrate on what you can control. You can trim your lawn and tidy up the edges to make it look more symmetrical and visually appealing. You can also get rid of any weeds and turn over the soil in the borders. Plus there are some hardy winter plants that you could consider adding to your border to keep some color, such as heather. 

The Doorway

You have no option but to look at your doorway and entrance every time you finish work, so above all you want to make sure it’s warm and welcoming for you. To make a change to your doorway, it’s pretty easy because you have so many options to suit all budgets and tastes! See for yourself:

  • Paint the door in a striking welcoming color
  • Change the door entirely for a different style
  • Change the hardware on the door such as the letterbox and knocker
  • Switch up the old dusty doormat for a fresh new one
  • Add some hanging baskets either side of the door with hardy evergreens
  • If there’s a porch or shelter, add some lanterns for the dark nights
  • Upgrade the outdoor lights or install one (or two) 
  • Clean your existing door and remove cobwebs from it

See, there are loads of ways you can make a difference to the look of your entrance. Now you just need to decide what option(s) to go with.

A lot of the time the front of our homes are neglected as we choose to spend more time on the interior, such as searching for scented candles to make our bedroom a sanctuary. However, as you can see from the tips above, there are some pretty straight forward ways to vamp up the front of your home with ease in preparation for the winter months.